Telecom Services

@Business can help you improve your existing network, from network planning and configuration to long-term maintenance and support. We can also build new networks and demonstrate ways to improve business efficiency and profitability through proper network planning and configuration.

Most importantly, we understand your business and the challenges that you face. We can tailor voice and data solutions for you based on your company size and the technologies you currently have in place, while taking your future plans into consideration.

We provide engineering and support services related to Telecom industry in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Wide Area Network Design
  • Data, Voice, Video Transmission
  • Dynamic Switching Design
  • ATM, Router, Hubs, and Bridges
  • High Voltage Cable Protection
  • Plant Cabling Copper or Fiber
  • PBX, ACD, Voicemail
Telecommunications Facilities:

  • Cabling Plans
  • DC Power Plant Systems
  • Cable Trays Copper and Fiber
  • Main Distribution Frames
  • Grounding, Protection
  • Seismic Anchoring
Fibre Optic System:

  • Linear or Ring Technology
  • Synchronization
  • Optic or Electric Inter-working
  • Add/Drop Repeater, Regenerator
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Y2K Solutions
  • Network Management
Wide Area Network Design:

  • Outside Plant Design UG, ADSS, FOW, FOG
  • Facility Entrance Considerations
  • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Redundancy, Flexibility
  • Single Point of Failure avoidance
  • Collocation Insights
  • Network Surveillance
Dynamic Switching Design:

  • DACS
  • M13 Multiplexer
  • MUX Compression
  • Wide Bandwidth Transport
  • Channel Banks
  • Sub-Rate Data
  • Remote System Monitoring
Data,Voice,Video Transmission:

  • Asynchronous DATA
  • HDSL Transmission
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • Fractional T1
  • Route Protection Switching Devices
ATM, Router, Hubs and Bridges:

  • ATM Logical Design
  • Efficient Router Deployment
  • Cost Effective Hub Wiring
  • Routers and Concentrators
  • Fiber Distribution
  • Campus Network Design
High Voltage Cable Protection:

  • Electric Facilities (Substations)
  • Ground Potential Rise (GPR)
  • Electric Generating Facilities
  • SCADA Alarm Management
  • Intrinsic Conduit and Cable Design
  • Calculated Delay Circuits (Absolute, Differential, Symmetrical)
Plant Cabling Copper or Fiber:

  • Campus Fiber Solutions
  • Distribution Systems
  • Category – 5 Cabling
  • Coax Systems
  • RF Distribution
  • CCTV and CATV Systems
PBX, ACD, Voicemail:

  • PBX – Voice Switches
  • Voice Mail
  • ACD – Automatic Call Distributors
  • VRU Voice Response Units
  • Accounting / Billing Systems
  • Paging and Public Address Systems