Enterprise Technology & Integration Services

Industries have proven that business agility comes with Service Orientation. Service Oriented Architecture increases the potential to leverage various technologies across the organization. Integration of the various Technologies in an Enterprise provides a higher operational effieciency and increase the productivity of the Organizations. @Business has built the expertise over the years to understand various challenges. We provide services which meet the right needs of our clients. The process involves a technology assessment based on your company’s current and future objectives.

@Business has gained expertise over the years to deliver complex, integration solutions, in addition to developing customized business systems. We recommend and leverage the the most appropriate tools according to your IT environment. Our recommendations would focus on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for better return on your investments. @Business will guide your organization through the challenges of implementation, ensuring a smooth transition. Our Services can be matched to exact needs of your Enterprise initiatives.


  • Road Maps for Enterprise Technologies
  • Discovery on current IT Environment for Technology Integrations and provide implementation services
  • Assessment and Implementation of Virtualization & Cloud
  • Recommended Road Map including required hardware, software, third party services
  • Implement Governance tools for Service Orientation
  • Data Management and Integration
  • Database and Business Intelligence
  • Legacy Management
  • Application Development

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