@Business believes in a true working partnership, where problems will be tackled with the right IT solution. @Business’s complete range of IT Services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement.

Information Technology Services

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Project Management
  • Project Support
  • Technology and Risk Management
  • Legacy Management
  • Program Analyst
  • Research and Development
  • Systems Architect

Telecom Services

  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Wide area network design
  • Data, voice, video transmission
  • Dynamic switching design
  • ATM, router, hubs and bridges
  • High voltage cable protection
  • Plant cabling copper or fiber
  • PBX, ACD, Voicemail

Software Development Services

  • Testing Services
  • Web Application development
  • Web Design

Other Services

  • Like Integration Services
  • Security Services
  • Product Services
  • Network Management
  • Physical and Virtual security
  • Cloud Management/Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Data center migration Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Blades and Server Solutions
  • Mission Critical / Unix Systems
  • Storage Area Networks and Storage Arrays Backup
  • Archive and Restore
  • System Availability and Recovery
  • Data Center Networking and Security
  • Technology Refresh and Consolidation