About Us

Formed in 1998, @Business Inc has a clear vision of providing the highest quality technology services to achieve optimal results for each individual client’s needs. @Business is a $41 million company with resource strength of more than 220 people (employees and subcontractors).  We work with our client every step of the way, and ensure customer satisfaction at the end. With our offices located in the USA and a well-equipped Off-shore development center in India, we provide a wide spectrum of services at the lowest possible prices for our clients. We endeavor to build relationships with our clients that reflect a true working partnership. Through such partnerships we aim to make our clients more competitive in the market. Our cost-effective solutions help boost our clients Return on Investment. We have the talent, knowledge and experience to understand our customers’ industries, their competition, their business processes and their requirements, and to identify solutions that meet their specific needs. Our Repeat Business rate is a testament to the level of customer satisfaction we continually achieve.

Our Biggest Asset….

@Business strongly believes that our employees are our biggest asset. The people we provide to work on your projects become your asset as well. We solve client problems through a durable infrastructure, powerful methodologies, and a people-focused culture. By investing in training, scrupulous selection procedures and appealing career prospects we have managed to assemble a mosaic of competent and highly skilled IT professionals. When @Business extends an offer to individuals it is not because of their technical skills alone; it is because of their professionalism, dedication to customer service, and “consider-it-done” attitudes. Our commitment to empower employees, and help them realize their full potential fosters motivation and commitment which results in high retention of quality employees.


Whether we’re providing services to small or medium sized businesses or meeting the challenges of large corporations, quality, responsiveness and apt service are our hallmark. Business is proud to claim a satisfied clientele and a body of work that has won us recognition. Our clients choose us because we do the job right, and we do it on time.Proven methodology and repeat business from our clients informs us that Business can help organizations grow.